Online Calculator

You can use below online calculators for assisting your transport calculation:

Download our spreadsheet (XLS files) for calculating

  • Barge/Ship Alongside Mooring
  • Barge/Ship Mooring Beaching Position
  • Linkspan Bridge Calculation from Barge to Jetty for Roll On/Off Operation using SPMT
  • Soil Bearing Capacity Check
  • Ship Motion Calculator
  • Sea Fastening Calculation
  • Lashing Calculation for Road Transport
  • Lifting Point Single Hook Calculation (2 points & 4 points)
  • Bollard Pull Calculation for Barge
  • Bollard Pull Calculation for Ship
  • Tie-Down Calculation for Barge
  • Lashing Calculation for Ship (LASHCON)
  • Pad-Eye Design Spreadsheet Calculator
  • Cargo Force & Acceleration Calculation
  • Tow Line (Static) Catenary Calculation
  • Towing Bridle Design Spreadsheet Calculator
  • Ship Longitudinal Strength Limit Calculator
  • Ship Load Trim and Stability Calculator
  • Smit Bracket Design Spreadsheet Calculator
  • Pipe Stowage Design Spreadsheet
  • Stacking Height Calculator (for Concrete Coated Pipes)
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