Port Crane Relocation Handling Procedure (1)

In connection with PELINDO III’s plan to relocate Container Crane (CC-05) from the Surabaya Container Terminal Port (TPS) to the temporary location in the area of ​​Jamrud Utara Tanjung Perak Port, a contractor who is capable of carrying out the CC-05 relocation projects is needed for safely operation.

PT. Califilard Prima Indonesia as the appointed contractor to carry out the work must make the scheme for the implementation of the Container Crane relocation with weight around 670 Ton from TPS port wharf coordinated 7°11’48.8 “S 112°42’25.5″E to port wharf at Jamrud Utara at coordinate 7°11’54.2 ” S 112°43’34.6″E.

Method: The CC-05 relocation proposal will be using a Skidding System when loaded onto the barge, which later will also use the same skidding to the final position. When CC-05 is finished at temporary storage area, a temporary support structure will be prepared to support CC-05 while on the Jamrud Utara waiting for scrab.

The handling equipment that will be used is a cargo barge with a minimum 24 meters breadth, Mooring System for belaying barges in wharf, providing additional assist Tug during loadout & offloading, providing Portable Pumps for Barge Ballast/De-ballasting work including the Genset, Skid Shoes capacity of 250 tons per unit, Skid Tracks, Hydraulic Jacks capacity of 100 & 200 Ton per unit, and the Hydraulic Power Pack.

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