Method Statement of Dredging Work at West Pangkah

This manual document is intended to describe the step of the dredging service activity for the waterway access which is scheduled on 1st of August 2019 until completed. It also acts as a guideline for the execution of the whole activities in provision of clamp shell dredging service in Work site using Semangat Rajawali 8 and Semangat Rajawali 9. However, this document is not by any means restrict the Project Manager from exercising his best judgement, in consultation with Company Representative to deal with situations that may occur during operation.

The dredging works is to develop a waterway /canal for shallow draft vessels/LCTs access with approximately target water depth about-3.4 m LAT, canal bottom width 20m, and slope 1V:4H. The total estimate canal length approximately 1 km, therefore the estimated total volume of the dredge materials is about 150,000 M3 with additional optional/ provisional volume approximately 100,000 M3.

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