Method Statement for Bathymetric Survey

The survey service was required to determine the topography of the waterway around the work site before dredging services and post dredging service. Bathymetry survey prior, progress and post dredging will be used as a mean for dredging volume calculation and verification too.The survey will be conducted by means of echo sounder equipped with portable Differential GPS positioning system and the result will be verified and shall be approved by Distrik Navigasi (DISNAV) Kelas I Surabaya. The scope of work of this procedure is covering the bathymetric and topo survey to obtain topo and seabed profile in working area. This location need to be surveyed to have details of water depth information and waterway contour depth. The work shall be carried out utilizing manual bar check, echo sounder, RTK DGPS positioning system and Total Station.

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