Method Handling Shipping INKA Trains

This is a sample of method statement designed for PT. INDUSTRI KERETA API (INKA) Shipping & Inland Freight to carry out 200 Bangladesh Passengers Car (MG) and the Capital Spares from Madiun City to DAT Chittagong Port, Bangladesh.

This manual document is intended to describe the step of the transportation activity for 200 Bangladesh Train Cars & the Capital Spares which is scheduled on December 2018 until end of May 2020. It also acts as a guideline for the execution of the shipping & inland transportation activities.

However, this document is not by any means restrict the Project Manager from exercising his best judgment, in consultation with Company Representative and Clients to deal with situations that may occur during the operation. The inland freight transportation shall be carried out by using 3 units x 10 lines various Multi-Axles complete with the Prime Movers, and for the shipping service; the vessel shall have minimum 70 Ton SWL Lifting gears for cargo loading and unloading activities.

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