Antonov 124-F For LRT Palembang Project

With a trial target in March 2018, PT. Waskita Karya continues to accelerate the development of LRT Palembang. One of the efforts to accelerate the development is to transport the LRT railway system of Palembang by using the Ukrainian jumbo airplane, Antonov 124 Freighter Class 200.

Cargo Inspection befor Loading on AN-124F

The ordered rail system is the production of the Czech manufacturer while the bearings are produced from Germany. One of the rail systems was transported by Antonov from Ostrava airport to Jakarta one set Double Cross Over (DCO) part of LRT Rail System Single Cross Over (SCO) and Turn Out (TO). DCO serves for train exit function will be installed at the Airport Station and Depo Jakabaring. While SCO will be installed at 13 other Palembang LRT Stations. Installation of the DCO itself will take about 15 days and requires special experts because the installation is more complex than SCO.

DCO after Packaging at Pržno

PT. Califilard Prima Indonesia was appointed by DFI Logistics as one of Waskita’s Transporter to assist in operational duties of DCO Shipment Ex. Prostejov, Czech Republic to LRT Project in Palembang via Jakarta Airport by using Antonov 124F, including supervising, technical operational in the airports, cargo loading, cargo lashing & securing, and cargo delivery from 23rd January 2018 until arrival in Jakarta on 31st January 2018.

Cargo Loading on AN-124 using Overhead Crane

LRT Palembang itself is a public transportation project built to help solve the congestion problem in Palembang as well as preparation to welcome the 2018 Asian Games which will take place in Palembang and Jakarta. It runs along 22 kilometers that connects Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport with Jakabaring Sport Center which will be the 2018 Asian Games venue.

For the operation of LRT and its lane, it will be submitted to PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI). Construction began in January 2016 and is targeted to start operating in mid-2018 or before the start of the Asian Games.

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