Bintialo Bridge Strengthening

Bintialo Bridge is located 61 km from Simpang Gas of 20 km from Suban Plant. It consist of 3 sections, 30 meter girder bridges, 55 meter I beam truss bridge frame, and 30 meter girder bridge. Wide of bridge is 6 meter with 0.5m shoulder, and vertical height clearance is 7.50 meter.

Refer to Inspection and Modification Report Document carried out by Connell Wagner, Bintialo Bridge had been modified to increase the capacity regarding to equipment delivery in 2005. It was 132 tons maximum weight of equipment had passed the bridge successfully.

According to reduction strength due to corrosion, it is required to check the current structure comparing with heaviest equipment will cross the bridge. The plan of equipment delivery is Inlet Separator which weight is more than 80 ton excluding the trailer.


The strengthening covers the detail strength analysis of the Bintialo Truss Bridge which the 93.35 Ton Inlet Separator is loaded on 10 axle lines multi-axle trailer pulled by head truck, and to support the bridge strength when the cargo and transporter passing the bridge.


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