We engineer the move, identify the best-suited equipment, and manage all the logistics and jurisdictional-load restrictions. On the ground throughout Indonesia, we’ve worked closely with authorities from numerous cities and provinces to allow for routing of equipment through major thoroughfares in congested urban areas to achieve the shortest possible execution time. Every location in Indonesia network also offers secure storage.

Our Company

PT. Califilard Prima Indonesia (CPI) was established in 27th July 2016 by Sundari Pontjo Ardjo. We are specialist in heavy lift, project logistics, sea and road transportation, shipment consolidation and packing prior to export. CPI offer a range of services from transportation, shipping, project logistics along with our new services that include equipment hire and transportation using heavy modular equipment

About us

Califilard Prima Indonesia is a local company specialized in the management and transport of project and heavy-lift cargoes, and the activity being based on four main pillars:

  • Wide experience and market knowledge.
  • Own engineering department.
  • Supervision of field operations by highly qualified personnel.
  • Reliability and widely known reputation in the local market.

Founded in 2016, the people in our company have more than years of experience in the transport of large parts and components. In addition to services in heavy-lift, project cargoes and our skills in transport engineering. We are also involved in conventional air, land and sea transport, containers and LCL shipment.

Safety, Health, & Environment

Safety, health and environment are at the heart of our organization. We work according to the latest HSE standards, run several risk analyses before and during our projects, are trained to secure our activities and accurately respond to unsafe circumstances.

It is important to note that specific customer guidelines are taken into account during our projects. Safety guidelines are always included, whether working on site, or within the office.

We have working manual procedures, standard of services, and company policies which means our services meet legal requirements regarding safety and quality demands.  Additionally, we actively ask our suppliers to comply with our HSE standards in order to optimize health, safety and our environment.

Our Vision

We will achieve our vision by fostering teamwork, using multiple disciplines, providing a safe workplace, delivering premium products, full services, and creating value for our customers.


Our specialists deliver the most efficient, safe and reliable solutions, and aims to develop and implement leading-edge solutions locally in Indonesia.

Project Team

Our team of specialists plan entire project ranging from evaluation to implementation of technical and commercial details, vendor and modes selection, recourse procurement, structure fabrication and delivery details.



Project Manager



Managing Director



Finance Director



Operation Director

Our Clients

Our company considers personalized attention to its customers as its top priority and one of its most highly valued identifying marks. Individualized treatment and the importance we give to each one of our transport operations has been one of the main premises of the company since it was founded


Barge Ballasting

Providing Barge Ballast Calculation, Submersible Pump Cap. 100 M³/hour – 250 M³/hour, Portable Pump Cap. 350 M³/hour – 1000 M³/hour, hoses, electric panels, and portable power generator set.

Barge Ballasting is needed for leveling the barge with the port jetty to make roll on and roll off operation goes smoothly. The engineering calculation and operation will be based on barge capacity, cargo loaded, pumps rates, jetty elevation and tide table.


Ballastable Cargo Barge

Providing Cargo Barge for Pipeline Transportation shall be comply with project’s owner MWS (Marine Warranty Surveyor). The Barge and Tug Boat shall be addequete and match with the minimum requirements procedure from the project owner. We shall close out all deficeinecy lists after MWS inspection and the euqipements requirements will be provided.

We can provide not only general cargo barge, but barge with deck strength requirements, ballastable with sea water, and backup towing equipment’s as per high standard offshore safety practice.


Loadout Contractor

As a loadout contractor for heavy and large module in Indonesia, our company offer complete services i.e. weighing, preparing the procedures, providing skidding system 125 ton up to 250 tons per skid shoe, or using Modular Transport using Multi-Axle Trailer. The service as loadout contractor is including transportation engineering, job risk analysis, rigging equipments i.e. mooring equipment, lashing materials, sea fastening design, and stability analysis including transportation strength check which required by project owner’s MWS.


Heavy Cargo Transportation

Modular trailer is a kind of hydraulic multi axle trailer, also called hydraulic platform trailer powered by their own power pack, or push/pull by prime movers. The trailer consists of hydraulic cylinder suspension, high tensile steel frame, power pack (diesel engine), hydraulic and mechanical steering system. Main application is for long distance road transport of oversized and abnormal load equipment. Each hydraulic trailer module could be connected end by end (longitudinal combination) and side by side (transversal combination), to finish various tough and enormous transport job mechanical suspension trailer (conventional) can not make it. The trailer also can be connected with tow bar as full trailer and hydraulic gooseneck as semi trailer to adapt different uses.

We can provide SPMT (Self Powered Modular Trailer) for Roll-On/Roll-Off operation, Loadout, or offloading very heavy modules.


Our Project News

This is all about our projects

Antonov 124-F For LRT Palembang Project

With a trial target in March 2018, PT. Waskita Karya continues to accelerate the development of LRT Palembang. One of the efforts to accelerate the development is to transport the LRT railway system of Palembang by using the Ukrainian jumbo airplane, Antonov 124 Freighter Class 200. The ordered rail system is the production of the […]

Lashing Work & Seafastening for Holtekamp Bridge Transport

PT. Califilard Prima Indonesia had been awarded by PT. Superkrane Mitra Usaha ordered by PT. Waagner Biro Indonesia for lashing work and sea fastening material Holtekamp Bridge at PT. PAL Indonesia. The first shipment transportation was using 270 Feet Barge VIP 368 and our scope including providing lashing materials, welding works, and calculation check. Here […]

Bintialo Bridge Strengthening

Bintialo Bridge is located 61 km from Simpang Gas of 20 km from Suban Plant. It consist of 3 sections, 30 meter girder bridges, 55 meter I beam truss bridge frame, and 30 meter girder bridge. Wide of bridge is 6 meter with 0.5m shoulder, and vertical height clearance is 7.50 meter. Refer to Inspection […]

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